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Friday, 9 July 2010

Hampton Court Flower Show

Hello dear Blogettes, Friday again already and its been quite a week.  Yesterday I went to Hampton Court Flower Show, which for those of you not in the UK is an annual event - set in massive grounds of Hampton Court Palace (I think Henry VIII lived there), right by the side of the River Thames.  My friend and I set off early on the Train and then took a water bus to the entrance, and the weather was really hot!!!  Of course there were thousands of people there, and I don't know about you, but I am not too good when it gets really crowded, I get tired, hate to queue for the Loos, drinks, food etc, but yesterday although so many people, we didn't really queue much at all which was a relief!  Anyway without further ado, here are some of the highlights

this was the lego garden!

This was the Pansy Project Garden and behind where the pink tap is represents "A Matter of Urgency" for those with overactive bladder!!!!!!!!!!!! cripes just lookin at it made me want to dash and join the loo queue!!!

There were some absolutely scrumptious stands to buy "stuff" and some of this "stuff" I would love if I had spare pennies

I would love a little greenhouse with a walk up to it like this - my friend and I were drooling over this and the sales lady said "everything erected and included - twelve fifty"  "That's good said my friend, the ones I've looked at like that have been at least two thousand"  the sales lady looked a bit disdainfully at us " its twelve thousand and fifty"  "Oh quite" we said and sidled away!!!!!!!

Strolling round was really lovely though and such a variety - I particularly loved the veg gardens and the scrappy looking gardens and the sunflowers

Then there was how to grow your "five a day" in willow decorated containers - a really pretty veg garden

And this lovely collections of Alliums

aren't they stunning! 

Of course when one is wafting round a show like Hampton Court one can often bump into people one isn't expecting to .................. a gentleman gently ushered us to one side ........ someone was coming through....

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (wonder if she had to queue for the loo!)

Well worth the day out - lots of inspiration, and rested my hands!  

PS Going to try a SIBOL square this weekend - see how the handies hold up!!

Thank you to all my new followers, I hope to get back to my making and showing soon!

Have a lovely sunny weekend

Speak soon xx


  1. What beautiful pictures... I'm especially partial to the sunflowers! They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Looks like a lovely day out! i loved the mini hurdles.

  3. Hi Kim,
    Wow! I'm here at last. Internet been down all afternoon. We have to take the router back. Only 6 months old, had to reconnect the old one. Thankgoodness we had one.
    Anyway, look who you saw today! Camilla, wow!
    So close too!
    I've been watching it on TV tonight. I just love these shows and have always wanted to go to the Hampton Court Palace show. I just love all the stands outside selling things. I bought my cake stand from one at the NEC last year.
    The show gardens are gorgeous aren't they? Such a lot to see.
    I'm pleased you enjoyed it.
    Now please dont get doing too much crocheting for SIBOL. In fact, wait until you are probably right Kim, please. I have enough here, and you have done such a lot for me, so dont feel that you have to now!
    Yesterday i went through all the blankets and put a name to each square on a sheet of paper. Mr. Twin made me a blank square with 25 spaces! on the computer. Always such ideas!
    Hope the family are well.
    Enjoy the weekend,
    I'm off to Derby shopping with Little Miss Twin tomorrow.
    I'm driving :(
    LoVE sUEX

  4. beautiful gardens! i love the alliums too! unfortunately my own garden is not up to snuff but i will try to get in it this weekend!

    it's great to hear you're resting those hands. your followers will still be around for when you crochet again!

  5. What a lovely day out you had. We've been to Hampton Court and heard about the Flower Show so it was nice to see it and rubbing shoulders with royalty too!!! ( Well sort of royalty anyway. She's not too popular out here !)
    Good to hear the hands are getting a bit of a rest.

  6. Events that draw crowds puts me off too, I prefer to wander when and where I want, not pushed around by everyone else
    I really like your greenhouses, nothing like that here (with the brickwork on the bottom)
    Beautiful displays and I really liked the wicker veggie patch

  7. Just wishing you a Happy Monday Kim,
    hugs Suex