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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

From The Field!

Hi Blogettes, here I am blogging from the field, yes the campsite we are staying on has WiFi and so hey presto! I can blog  - it actually feels sooooo much more relaxed than when trying to find time at home in a busy week!  Hubby and I have escaped for a few days to Herefordshire - which borders Wales for some R and R. 

 and here I am to prove it!!!! Hammer is for a loose tent peg not to keep hubby in check!!!

Those ducks can hear you break a piece of bread from fifty paces!

Today we went to the Wye Valley which is a beautiful part of the UK and took a river boat ride

It was sooo cute and decorated with flowers and inside you could order a drink or a snack as you cruised along

There were lots of canoeists - and I have to confess I was glad we were not among them - I have very vivid memories of canoeing down the Ardeche river in France for hours......and hours.....and hours - but I will tell you that tale another time!!

It has been lovely so far just the two of us "chillin"  and relaxing and we have heard that youngest Kimbles is getting on just fine in the USA so all is well.

Coffee by the river

Strawberry tart as an afternoon treat

I have also started a little "hookiness" we decided that the camper teapot needs a "cosy"

So I have decided to make one up - what this space as to whether it is successful or not!

I am using two colours at once and it is a small project so hopefully wont hurt my hands too much.  I haven't given up on my Granny Stripe blanket - I just have to do it sloooooowly!

I am kind of making it up as I go along, but it is making quite a nice ribbed pattern

I can't tell you how cock-a-hoop I am with doing some crochet again!!! Its good for the soul!  I felt sooooo sad when my hands were really sore - however I am very aware not to overdo it - gawd the ageing process aint nice is it?  Adapt, adapt, thats what I have to do - slowly, slowly.

I hope you are all well - guess what - it hasn't rained on us yet!  lol

Speak soon xx


  1. What fun Kimbles. Have a great time. Please be sure and show us the Cosy!

  2. OOh how Romantic! Two of you together in a field! How lovely! I had to laugh at the title Kimbles!
    Glad your son is in contact with you. You both deserve a chilled out time after the weeks you've had at home with one thing and another!
    YOu look so relaxed there with your lappy!
    Have a great time.
    It's 7.50 here Tuesday and the sky is so dark!!!
    Looks like rain, I hope you don't have any!
    Hugs Suex
    P.S.Great to hear from you.

  3. What a fun trip you are having. I so am liken' the blue and yellow together too. I just love the English boats on a canal.

    FYI - just need a break for some family stuff. I should be back in a day or so. I needed to step away without all worrying.

  4. Oh camping looks and sounds wonderful to me right now! We've been thinking of going all summer, but the time and/or opportunity just hasn't presented itself yet. I guess if not this year, then next year... Glad to hear your hands are up to crocheting again! I'm with you about the aging process. I think the 40s have been a terribly rude awakening, and I'm afraid I'm still in a bit more of denial than acceptance just yet! Ha! Ha! But I try to keep a clear head about it, still remembering to be thankful for every day I'm blessed with!.. Can't wait to see your teapot cozy when it's done! ~tina

  5. that is my kind of holiday, especially the tarts! lol

    what a nice time you appear to be having! and it's good to hear you are giving your hands a rest. taking care of yourself is the most important thing, I think.

  6. What a lovely place for you to get some R&R in. It looks so peaceful.

  7. My first thoughts were about that hammer!!! Lucky Mr Kimbles is not on the receiving end. Your time-out looks wonderful. A little crochet goes a long way, and I'm very interested in the teapot cozy, been looking this last week
    Have fun

  8. Looks wonderful. Yes you are right, age/health issues are certainly challenging, but glad you got a little crochet in anyway.
    Jak x

  9. Oh I agree, we have WIFI at the farm where our van lives and it is very relaxing, browsing the blogs that I don't have time to do at home. Enjoy your break, we're off tomorrow XX

  10. Looks like a lovely spot to veg out a bit. Have a nice holiday and keep the photos coming. You know how those of us who long to be in England love to see the countryside.
    Hope the weather continues to be good for you.