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Friday, 27 May 2011

Unable to leave Comments

Morning, just to say along with most others using Blogger I am unable to leave comments - it is so frustrating!!!!  Has anyone explored others like Typepad or Wordpress - I know they cost a little but would it be worth it?  But then I suppose I would have to start again and not transfer my blog over - dilemma - don't know why I am asking after all, no one can leave a comment either hey - ho! 

Have a great day!!

Speak soon xx


  1. This photo is really beatiful!!

  2. Hi Kim, I just read on another Blog, that when you get to the SIGN IN page, you UNclick remember me and that works! YIPPEE!

  3. I should have said UNCLICK "keep me signed in" (need a cuppa LOL).

  4. Kath is right. I did this last night and it worked for me... also, Sue, Mrs. Twins. We need you back leaving comments. I was without for three days and nearly lost my mind.

  5. I think we are all experiencing problems. I must thank Kath for her advice it seems to be working. Not right though is it?
    Love to you Kim, enjoy the long.....weekend.
    Hugs suex

  6. Beautiful flower! I always sign in and have had no problems other than when they shut down the system for two days. It does make you nervous but someone as big as google can't afford to let problems persist and they must have the resources to solve them.