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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Coil Pot Ta Dah!

Hello there lovely peeps, I hope you enjoyed the weekend, here in England we had a loong weekend, I like loong weekends very much indeed, in fact I would love them to be even longer!!

Coffee and homemade shortbread biscuits were the order of the day, I felt like "chillin" and "chillin" I did. 
That is until I could "chill" no more and just HAD to continue with a project of some sort, I carried on with the coil pot I started last week.  After a very fiddlesome start, trying to get the knack of twisting the fabric round the springy coily stuff, I began to make Progress.

It is quite interesting how the fabric takes on a different pattern as the pot evolves until you get this effect

Surprisingly it makes quite a strong pot, it was fun and different to make, hope you like it!

Speak soon xx


  1. That's very interesting. I LoVe the way it turned out with the colorway. Great job Kim!

  2. Beautiful piece of work Kim! Hope all is well with you all,
    hugs suex

  3. Well I've just gone back a couple of posts to catch up with this coil pot stuff. How interesting and what a good job you've done with it. It looks very difficult to me. Do you sew the loops together as you go?.... and how do you make it stand up?
    It's so nice to catvhup with everyone now we're home again.

  4. I meant catchup. Fingers not working properly!!

  5. Hi Kim, I;m loving that pot. I have a bath mat that looks like it's made the same way?
    As you said, it's a small world, we lived near the Alfred Beck Centre at Hayes End.