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Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Good Morning, you see I am trying to become a good regular blogger again!  I have been indulging in a little hookiness lately, not as fast as I used to be, but hey that's no problem.  You may recall on one of my previous posts I started this project

Well after making half a dozen squares I just wasn't "lovin" it, it just wasn't working in my mind. It's quite a decision isn't it when you have to decide whether to abandon your hard work or limp on!  Well it had to be abandon I'm afraid and I don't regret it for a minute.  So it was back to the drawing board.  I was combining colours and thinking about what would go with my lounge. I wanted to Keep It Simple and traditional.  So now I am working on these

I am loving the colours and the simplicity of this pattern, I think sometimes I look for different and fussier stitches but there is something so comforting and scrummy about traditional grannying!  I have been signed off from the hand clinic ( have done all they can for me) so I have to be really careful, do special thumb exercises and rub in pain relieving cream.  Hey ho never mind - I just have take more notice when they get a bit painful and STOP!!!   I did invest in a soft touch crochet hook and that has helped me with the crochet thank goodness so all is not lost! 

Have a good day

Speak soon xx


  1. I love the new version; the colours go together beautifully, don't they? You must be 'lovin it' now! It's a shame that the hand clinic can't do more for you, but I'm glad the soft crochet hook is helping. I think I shall get myself one.


  2. Hi Kim,
    Your new design is wonderful.
    Hope your hand will be without pain. The new crochet hook will help, I'm sure!
    ~X~ Karin

  3. Lovely colours! I might google those "soft hooks" - they sound good; I often get a sore thumb. And don't worry about regular blogging - just do it when it suits YOU, don't worry about us. We're happy to see your blog updates, but we won't forget you in between posts. :-)
    Caz from Never Knew :)

  4. Its always a pleasure to see your work Kim, whether it be crocheting or painting! Your pictures have been lovely.
    Just take care now.
    My internet has been playing up, hopefully all is well now.
    Hugs sueX

  5. While I really like your first squares, I think you have it spot-on with the new ones.
    Unfortunately I am in the same position as you with a current project - I really think it just does not feel right

  6. I love the look of the new squares. They look fantastic. The colours work really well together.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments really appreciated. xx

  8. Someone has been busy. Looking great. Fun colors.

  9. Uhooi..
    It works great, creative and very interesting,,


  10. Glad to see you back. I just love the new squares and your roses in the previous post.