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Monday, 16 May 2011

Sneaking back into Blogland

I just realised my last post was actually 1st April.....gawd what a useless blogger!  The last few weeks have been rather manic, I will try to give you a little update, I was whisked off to London to be supportive to Hubby and help man an exhibition stand.  This was quite good fun if a little hard on the feet and legs! 

Then came the Royal Wedding, and I was able to put my feet up and put my cup of tea on this spendid coaster the lovely Sue sent me and ooooh and aaaaaah for hours, yep it was a real 'feel good' day.  Then we went off to a BBQ to carry on the celebrations.

Seeds have been planted and are already poking their little heads out much more since I took this photo.

I have also been enjoying the Being Creative group on flickr and my contribution to last month who's theme was 'Dessert' came out better than I thought, I spent one splended quiet afternoon just scribbling away - I LOVED it!

I have also been looking after my niece and nephew and two doggies for a week - went to live in with them in Windsor, so the weeks have flown by.  I have dipped into blogland a bit, but am looking forward to spending some time catching up. 

I have been a little productive on the crochet front, and I will update you with that with a second "catch up" post!

Hasn't the weather been amazing!  The roses are already stunning this year, when I left to go to Windsor my lovely rose out the front of our house had no roses on it at all, this lovely sight greeted me on my return

Don't you think everything is flowering early this year due to the dry weather, I think we may experience Autumn in August this year!!

Have any of you seen this "yarn"

It is called "Salsa" and is like a knitted ribbon, you knit it up but really it is just a series of loops to make a scarf - my dear Mum bought it for me for a treat and it makes a lovely ruffled effect when knitted up.

Only trouble is, it is very hard on my hands so that I can only do a few rows at a time.  One good thing we have a few months until winter, so I can take my time!

Well I hope you are all well and I am so glad to have dipped back in.

Speak soon xx


  1. Loving that yarn, I have shoe laces like that!
    How lucky your neice is, to have you dog sit, much better for the dogs to be in their own home. I hope they gave you a nice present to say thankyou :-D

  2. Glad to have you back. It's that time of year, when the seasons change and so do we. No problem, we get here when we can.

    I've seen that yarn but only knit. Glad to see it works with a hook too.

  3. Hi Kim!
    Lovely to have you blogging!
    There is such a lot of news in this post today. Glad the show went okay. I was watching a Lady in Hobbycraft show two other ladies how to knit with this yarn.It was so interesting. Such beautiful yarn too!
    I am pleased you enjoyed the Royal Wedding Day, quite an excitement on TV and at home with winning 1st prize with the Blanket! Then auctioning on EBAY and raising £112.00 for Prince Williams Charity Gift Fund. so its all been go.
    Yes I made both the blankets.The one with the fringe took forever! basically 19 chain back in the same stitch, slip stitch. Then slip stitch into the next stitch and do it again, took me ages! Then I went and ran out of that particular green! Oh well we call it 'Two Tone!'
    Nice to hear from you,
    love Suex