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Monday, 23 May 2011

Lazy Sunday

At the end of last week I went to a little Decorative Living Fair - you may recall I went last year too.  It was the sort of day to put on a floaty dress - grab a basket and "waft" round the stalls!!!   I did wear a summer dress, but my basket is broken and I am not too good at "wafting", not dainty enough!  Still my friend and I had a very pleasant afternoon, and I have decided that "Vintage" or "Old and Rusty" still seems to be "in" , we sat and enjoyed our sandwiches drinking in the lovely view

The warm sun on our faces and the bunting fluttering in the gentle breeze, so calming.

I was quite restrained in my purchases (not out of choice, but necessity) but I couldn't resist some lovely herbs which I have now arranged on the front door step (gets lots of sun)

Lovely fresh Mint, Thyme and Dill mmmmm.

That wasn't bad was it - I resisted the packs of bunting, the clothes, the soaps etc - Well Done Kimbles!

We had a rather lazy Sunday yesterday, browsed round the garden but didn,t do anything, read the paper and ate lovely cake my Mum had made, could practically watch my cucumber plants creeping up the canes in my conservatory.

If felt like a re-chargin the batteries day - doesn't happen very often but boy, did I enjoy it!

Speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim!
    I can smell those herbs from where I'm sitting. I think herbs outside your door is lovely. Years ago just after Dad passed away I completely filled his old wheelbarrow with herbs, it was just so enjoyable and the smell was gorgeous! Next door has some beautiful chives in flower on his patio. You had a nice day out by the sound, does you good to get out and about.
    Busy here still with workmen tomorrow. Not much peace around here lately. Nevermind.
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs suex

  2. A posting frenzy at present eh :D Good to see. Your day at the fair sounds lovely. I have only seen English country fairs in Midsomer Murders. Your pictures fit my impressions perfectly. I love your herb pots. Funny to hear you are sitting around in the sun. We are doing that too but in our mild Queensland winter. Too hot to go outside in summer.