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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hello Blogettes!!

Hello dear Blogettes - do you mind if I call you Blogettes? I thought it was rather a sweet name.  I was at the computer the other evening doing something totally un bloggy when hubby passed by and asked " how are the blogettes?" and I thought this was rather sweet - a collective name for ladies who like to read and write blogs, sounds to me much more lady-like than bloggers!!

This week I have made a few squares for the SIBOL project and I have been preparing a tutorial on the Mini Hexagon Blanket join-as-you-go - I thought I had finished it but I am not happy with some of the pictures so you will have to wait another day or two, I find sitting down and writing a tutorial can be much more tricksy than you think!  I will do my best for you all!

On to the squares, 
Now the two squares with the flowers in the middle are Grandmas Garden Squares from a pattern I bought from Michelle at Loving the Vintage - a great blog and the other one is from the 201 Crochet Blocks book - it is in varigated yarn but doesn't show up too well.

I got this pattern from the SIBOL site I think, forgive me but I can't remember exactly where I got it, this has turned out a little tighter, even though blocked - hope the lovely Sue can still do something with it.

This final square is an experiment I made up using a kind of twisted shell, I think this is going to be called "Choppy Seas" square!! 

This week I have also got my sewing machine out and taken it apart and oiled, dusted and de-linted it (put it back together!) ready for making curtains for our recently decorated bedroom - still not finished but getting there!

And look at how my little seeds are growing

Do you know, I think this is favourite part of growing stuff - when the little shoots start to appear - magical!!

A warm welcome to new followers (Blogettes!) I hope you find something of interest on my blog - it is always lovely to hear from you all.

Signing off Kimbles and the Blogettes!

Speak soon xx


  1. I like being a blogette....does sound much more lady like....can we use it too?
    You have been a busy bee. The choppy sea block is a great make. Now we need a beach house to go along with it.

  2. Really nice squares, Kimbles! I'm making Grandma's Garden squares too this afternoon for more pillows.

    I'm interested to see your tutorial on joining as you go. I've never gotten the hang of that...

  3. Blogettes is a perfect name for us!!!
    The squares are lovely and your choppy seas is very interesting - congrats on making it up as you go. I follow patterns

  4. I'm signing up for blogettes too- much more ladylike!
    PS. Love the squares

  5. LOVE Blogettes! Your hubby gets high fives for that one. It sounds like a 50's girl group, doesn't it? :-) The "choppy seas" is great! can't wait to see the tutorial.

  6. Yes I'd like to see the joining as you go too as I too cannot for the life of me fathom that one out!

  7. Umm. Blogettes! Yea, I like that.
    Your squares are great Kim. Working so hard for our SIBOL project again. Thank you. You've been quiet this week, now I know what you've been up to!
    Have a great weekend,
    Love Suex

  8. We sound like a girl band... rather foxy I thought LOL