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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Introducing - Mini Hexagon Blanket

Hello dear bloggies - how was your weekend?  Here in the UK the weather was in typical Bank Holiday style - cold and wet ugh!  I had wanted to spend most of the time in the garden but after dodging shower after shower, I gave up.  Did plant my seeds though

All ready to be tucked up and watered  - I gave them a talking to - you know - to make them grow!  We have beans, broad beans, tomatoes (large and small), cucumbers, and courgettes. To add to that will be some salad leaves, radishes, brussel sprouts and sweetcorn. I am telling you all of this now, not to boast at all, it is to remind myself later on in the summer when some have been eaten by caterpillars and some by aphids that I was full of hope for my tiny vegetable patch and I did try, really I did! 

One success of the weekend was finally finishing the Mini Hexagon blanket - I am rather excited about this because I made up the pattern in my own head (its probably been done before, but I hadn't seen it), visualised it, worked out how to do the half hexes (bit hit and miss) did a crab stitch edging and finally added the tassels and Ta Dah!!!!!!!!!

I wanted it to look like a traditional patchwork quilt - really pleased with the way it has turned out. 

Hope you like it - a really quick pattern to make and great to join as you go.

Now as I showed you previously, I have been making African Flower Motifs you can see some beautys on the lovely Elizabeth Cat's blog, she introduced us to this motif, but I have also been enticed by the Grandma Garden Cushion on The Royal Sisters.

Before I go, please check out the new blanket Sue has made for the SIBOL project, it is such a work of art - reminds me of 60's pop art - should be displayed at Tate Modern!!! 

Speak soon xx


  1. Stunning... I'm off to look for a closer picture.

    Yes, I think my puff pillow came from The Royal Sisters, Michelle, now that I look at it. I probably should have added the link over, but couldn't find the pattern on her blog. It was translated into U.S. and changed a little, by the time I got it....icks...I'm always good about link for credit when I should. Thanks for the heads up.

    Hope you had a nice day off. I can't wait to see what is going to coming popping up in those pots.....

    Kate - TGB

  2. Oh - I love it! Great work. :)

  3. What a fantastic idea - I love it!!!

  4. Wow Kim this is a real beauty. I've missed rerading about these squares while I've been out of touch. I thought it was a patchwork quilt and was amazed at the material you had used when I looked closer and saw that it had been crocheted. It is a real credit to you and oh so pretty. Well done.
    I'm off to spend some time catching up on blogs.

  5. Just gorgeous, Kimbles! I love it. Are you going to be writing up the pattern for sale or sharing?

  6. Hi Kim,
    Your mini hex is fantastic! It doesn't even looked like it was crocheted! I don't think I could do something like that at all. Congrats to you! Love the photo with your kitty.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  7. Wow! I love the mini hex blanket - the colours are stunning. Well done you, it's amazing. xxx

  8. Hi Kim!

    This blanket is fantastic.
    Wow, well done Kim!

    Hope your seeds will grow and you can eat these delicious vegetables.

    ~X~ Karin

  9. Kim
    You kept this really quiet!
    What a fantastic job, I'm sure we all agree there!
    Its just wonderful how you have combined the colours. It definitely looks traditional!
    I'm so pleased that its turned out how you wanted it too!
    What a lot of hexagons!
    Sorry I'm late getting to you.
    Sometimes I still cant comment.
    Have a good day,
    Love Suex

  10. Wasn't it a rubbish weekend weather-wise?!Traditional bank holiday weather (but how does it KNOW?) Loving the mini hexagons, beautiful work!

  11. Ooooh - forgot to ask - are you planning on going to any of the Open Houses? I'm planning on making a weekend of it whatever the weather this weekend. Maybe we should contribute next year (if only I ever finished anything....)

  12. I love this! so homely.

  13. I love the mix of patchwork and crochet, it just seems so right.I see your black and white chap is doing some quality control for you!
    I have started on the sddictive african flower as well...will post about it tomorrow
    Louise xx

  14. The carpet stay beautiful, congratulations.
    Your crochet is very neat.
    A big hello from Montevideo, Uruguay.

  15. Beautiful these hexagons! I intend to do a bag of hexagons, we see how it is!
    Good weekend!
    (I could not leave this comment in the first post, so I'll leave here)