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Monday, 24 May 2010


Yes there are FIVE of us back in the Kimbles household - we moved Little Kimbles back home over the weekend as she has now completed the Uni studies, there are many more boxes than five to tidy away though!!

FIVE photos of signs of summer making me happy

FIVE  - that is the time the Kimbles household got up this morning - to watch the last ever episode of LOST and eat bacon butties - such an impromptu daft family thing to do, even though we had work - but just fun!!

FIVE minutes snatched in the garden with a cup of tea and my latest project

I 'm not usually into crochet clothes - have tried a couple of times with mixed results - but I found this pattern and thought I would have a go. It is in Bamboo cotton which is a little splitty, but the colour is divine and reminds me of all the fresh green leaves on the trees at the moment and is probably my favourite colour along with pink!

The stitch is made up of shells with the next row chains and dcs so that the shells are above each other if you see what I mean.

Its growing quite quickly so we will see how it turns out - mind you, if its a disaster - I might not be able to bring myself to show you he!he! 

Speak soon xx


  1. What a pretty pattern that is... I love the color of your bamboo yarn. I am not brave enough to try a piece of clothing yet... maybe one of these days!

  2. Kim,
    Green is my favourite cvolour too and of course when nyou team it with pink it is very pretty. My other favourite colour combination is blue and lemon.
    I can imagine how nice it is for you to have all the family back under the one roof - at least for the moment!!

  3. It looks great so far! Very nice.

  4. Love that colour green and the pattern. I have that colour in my stash just waiting for the right project.

  5. Hi Kim,
    I so enjoyed your five signs of summer! And good luck with your crochet pattern - I'm sure it will turn out beautifully and the green is lovely.

  6. Ooh look at those Hostas! ours are ravaged by snails :D

  7. What a lovely green colour - very summery!! Have to say your alliums are doing much better than mine - they've only just started to flower! You must be getting much better weather down your way!! :)

  8. Please don't hide the top from us - I'd love to hear how it turns out! I'd like to make clothes, too, but, I agree, it's tricky!
    Enjoy your lovely weather,
    Caz from Never Knew

  9. Love your green yarn! Great stitch too!

  10. What a lovely post Kim, I really enjoyed a little peep in your garden. I think the green cardi is looking good, I'm making a shrug, I'll put some WIP photos on fickr. It is a gamble making something to wear I think as I might hate it when it's finished!

  11. Yeap....the signs of summer are there and stunning.

    But, seriously, you have to show us all good or bad. I'm placing a bet on good. Especially, with that yummie kiwi green yarn.
    You don't have to wear it in public, just in blogland.


  12. Hope your week is going great Kim.
    I was walking around Hobbycraft this morning, and saw your sunflower kit. Thinking to myself.....I wonder how Kim is getting on with hers?
    yes I love my Conservatory, but no we dont use in the Winter, all the glass makes it so...cold.
    Hugs and thanks for stopping by

  13. What a lovely post. Love all the pics and I now feel very summery thank you xxx

  14. You know I just found another lovely blog on the web planet! I instantly fell in love with your Hex Blanket, its such a brilliant idea. And now I'm drooling over your project bag. Do you have any plans to write a tutorial?