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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Garden Mosaic

I have to tell you dear Blogettes, that surprisingly I haven't picked up a crochet hook or done anything crafty at all this week, and that does make me a little sad.... but not for long, I will be back hooking away as soon as I can.  I left myself a day free from work work on Wednesday and headed off into the garden to plant my little plants which have now sprouted from the seeds I planted. Oh the bliss - the sun warm on my back as I worked, the lovely green plants going into the ground and the excitement and anticipation of hopefully the lovely vegetables that I will be able to harvest in the not too distant future!!!  An almost perfect day - if only I had had the time to crochet instead of clean out the showers!!  Oh well you can't have it all!!


Garden Mosaic - little cucumber plant, my small veg patch, under the leylandai (worst place ever, but seemed to work ok last year!) , basket of Margarite daisies, Ferns uncurling, Lillies that have survived the harsh winter and in fact came from my Grandad's garden and he died 18 years ago!!   lovely Lily of the Valley reminds me of my Wedding Bouquet and finally more seeds.

Thank you for looking in on me and for the lovely comments on the Mini Hexagon tutorial - I hope it comes in useful.

Oh and check out the SIBOL blog - my squares arrived safely and Karin has named us Sibolettes!! Lovely like Blogettes!!
Speak soon xx 


  1. That's Ok, I forgive you....but, I don't know about Sue/Mrs.Twins...chuckle-chuckle. Glad to see you got out to take care of that wonderful garden you have started. So, we are now call "The Sibolettes", too funny.

    Running again,

  2. Hello Kim,
    OOh doesn't she make us laugh!
    I've been out with My Mother today. We went to the Nurseries but I thought the plants were really disappointing, looked battered and so I didn't bother. I will go out again either tomorrow or at the weekend.
    Glad you've managed to get out in the week, wish everything was done at home for you.
    I have been spending too much time on here I admit. But things have to be done for all my 'SIBOLETTES!'
    Work at home is never ending too, Laundry laundry, laundry :(
    Have a lovely Weekend Kim. Your Garden looks great so enjoy!
    Hugs Suex

  3. Lovely that the weather looks like it has been nice for you over there. Everyone has been busy planting their veges. Funny.Down here the best time to grow veges is in Winter - too hot in Summer !!
    Our days have cooled down to mid twenties and the sun has lost its bite and the nights are cool enough to snuggle under a blanket - the nicest time of year in my opinion.

  4. Your SIBOL squares are very pretty and it looks great to be out in your garden

  5. At least when we've done our chores, we can sit back and craft without guilt!
    I find quilting a stress reliever, so I can tell my husband it is Doctors orders hee hee

  6. I think it's all about making hay while the sun shines, especially as the weather has been rather up and down lately. I hate it too when the cleaning gets in the way of hooky fun.
    Jak x

  7. the garden looks lovely kim, have you been inspired by Chelsea ?Blogettes,flickrettes,sibolettes ....where will it all end ? How funny !