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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Have a Peek at these!

Good Morning everyone!  Been laid up for a few days with a bug, but now feeling a lot better ( and a few pounds lighter, every cloud eh?) its good to be feeling fine again.  Firstly a HUGE♥ Thank you for the lovely Birthday wishes and response to my short post and Amyrillis pictures, really appreciated.

Last week I was busy making squares - firstly for SIBOL and then for the Sarah London Crochet A Rainbow appeal.  Now I am quite happy making squares, you know, just squares - but I have never attempted a picture square, so I put my creative hat on and lo and behold these two squares evolved.  I am really happy with them and they make me smile so much when I look at them (daft I know!)  in fact I am having serious trouble sending them off to SIBOL but I will of course, because it is such a good cause!  I have taken lots of piccies and I am thinking of having some notelets made from the pictures to remind me.

Crikey I have built them up somewhat - I hope you like them!

This is smiley Piggy for the Farmyard Blanket

and this is my Springtime contribution:-

I never realised how much fun crochet pictures are - so ...... freeform, just crochet away and add bits here and there and there you go!

Got to put my thinking cap on now for the Royal Wedding one!

Oh and here are the Crochet A Rainbow Squares

Oh and finally

One last look - there were Six Beautiful Blooms on this beauty in the end, but sadly as with all beauty, is now fading.

Have a great day

Speak soon xx


  1. Oh you are sooo clever!! The crochet squares are fantastic! Did I sat "Happy Birthday"? If I didn't I hope you had a lovely day.
    I'll be glad when it is not too hot to try to get back to my crochet. You've inspired me !!!

  2. I can see why you are smiling! Six gorgeous blooms and one very round and content pig - oh yes with a smiley face!! Brilliant.

  3. Love those picture squares, especially the piggy. I can see why you are smiling. xx

  4. Beautiful squares and very clever designs! Glad you're feeling better now!


  5. The farmyard blanket is going to be so lovely, I do like pigs. My freind Silve gave me a book full of patchwork pig patterns, and I am determined to make some once the house is a bit more clean and tidy :-D

  6. Kim,
    Oh my goodness what gorgeous gorgeous squares!
    The piggy is just so....cute!" The spring one too is just lovely. OOh goodness Im getting so excited.

    What are you going to come up with for the Royal Wedding Blanket? I wonder.

    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling yourself. Going around I think! take care of yourself now.

    Pleasure to see your beautiful plant too. I'm pleased you've taken some gorgeous photos!
    hugs Suex

  7. Oh Kim, your picture squares are so cute - virtual pat on the back for a fantastic idea

  8. OMG... Sue is going to die when she see this pig. I'm guessing she may keep it for her own special blanket. Which by the way, she so deserves. Always a treat when you post and pop by.

    Weekend Wishes,
    You know who

  9. Oh wow, I love the picture squares very much. They are so cute! I still have a lot to learn :-)

    Have a nice sunday.

  10. Hi love the freeform crochet, may have to have a go! documenting a year is a really good idea, jennyx

  11. Saw your name on the Be Creative list. It had a nice sound :) When I arrived at your blog and saw those pictures squares I squealed with delight. I have just started free motion machine stitching. Looks like I will have to have a go at free form crochet too! I wish I had thought of putting "I'm" in front of the Being Creative button. What the heck, I am just going to copy you :D

  12. Love your farmyard squares! So cute!