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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cosy Evening with Decopatch and Crochet

Hi there lovely blogland friends, last Thursday I arranged a dental check up for myself and youngest son, on his way back to Uni in London -"Great mum", he said "you can drop me off at the nearest station and I wont have to pay so much fare" - Dentist is nearer to Uni than home, I hasten to add.  Good idea I thought, we had the check up and headed to the station, and despite the mess he had left in his room, despite the fridge being constantly devoid of milk, the cereal packets empty, the toilet roll not put on the holder - I could feel the tears pricking at my eyes - "oh mum, you're not gonna cry are you?"  Big Sniff  "of course not, you go and have fun, and I will see you in a few weeks"  as I waved goodbye - big sigh - what now?  Serious cheer up was needed - and so it happened I drove up the road and found a rather large Hobbycraft - well I say large because the one I usually go to is rather a lot smaller than this one - OH JOY ♥ I have decided whenever I feel down I am going to drive to Hobbycraft!!!!!!!!!!   I wandered around in a positive frenzy, I could try glass painting, dolls house making, beading, sweetie making, quilting etc etc,  (bearing in mind I only went in for 3 balls of Lemon acrylic!)  I kid ye not - it felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I know you lovers of craft out there will understand these feelings!

Now as pennies are a little scarce at the moment ........ I was quite restrained......... glass decorating, beading etc will have to wait, so along with the wool, I bought some felt (for future projects) and some decopatch stuff.  I headed home with a much happier heart!

So Friday evening, with the wind howling I cosied down with a glass of something and the fire and the decopatch and crochet - now this next picture sets the scene but forgive me its rather blurred - but hey I had only had half a glass of wine!!!

This was a little cat I finished which I have had for ages - there is no doubt about it - I find tearing up the little pieces of pretty paper and spreading the glue sooo relaxing

So after the cat was finished I just had to carry on - so decided to cover a little valentine heart

Once again, so theraputic, this is a heart shaped fridge magnet, which now looks lovely holding my lovely heart postcard on the fridge.

After I had finished the decopatch - it was back to the crochet.  This is my plain granny blanket which I am making for my camper - I will have to think of another name for this because plain granny doesn't do it justice  - I am ♥ loving ♥ making this, the lovely colour blocks look really effective together and not nearly so many ends to sew in!

Here is a peek

I will show you it in all its glory when it is finished!

Oh and I just have so show you my lovely cat Thompson, who loves to sit or sleep by my side when I am crafting.

Well that was my lovely cosy Friday night - fav night of the week.  I hope whatever you do my friends, you keep warm and cosy too!

Speak soon xx


  1. Good Evening Kim!
    I thought I was late popping over, but I see I'm not according to the date.
    Well you have been busy one way or another. Your heart is gorgeous and so is your blanket.
    I do hope you aren't overdoing it, take care of those hands!
    I keep wondering about your sunflower latch hook kit?
    We have a new HobbyCraft locally, its quite big. I said to the girl on the counter when it first opened. You know what is needed here? A little coffee shop! wouldn't that be nice too!
    It sounded as though you really enjoyed your evening of crafting, that's good.
    Have a good week, love Suex

  2. Oh I love the look of your new blanket. It's all about the colour combinations isn't it? Good to see you are doing a bit of crochet, hope your hands are OK. It's too hot here at the moment to even think of crochet. I probably will have forgotten how by the time it is cool enough.

  3. The thinks we have to do for our children :-)
    Thank goodness for them ;-)
    Colour combinations are wonderful with grannies

  4. So much fun crafting and crocheting. Thompson couldn't be any cuter, could he?