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Thursday, 16 September 2010

One Hundred Times!

Hello and welcome to my One Hundredth post!  I am so sorry that yet again it has taken me an aaaage to get back to my blog, life has been so full on lately I have hardly had time to catch my breath!

Last week was Little Kimbles' Graduation, it was a truly lovely day and I did have to hold back the tears of joy, so happy, so proud, where have all of those years gone?

She gets her curly hair from her dad - mine is boringly straight!

Next up was her birthday and I was able to produce a Victoria Sandwich with my own butter cream AND JAM for once.  Yes I have had a dabble into jam making - I expect you are all experts, but I have always wanted to try but never had the equipment so last month I treated myself to a Maslin Pan and had a go.

I made Plum jam - first lot a little too runny - setting point not quite reached but perfect for drizzling on Ice cream.  Second lot much better and then I went on to make Apricot Jam and finally Strawberry Jam, oh and I also got a tin of those Marmalade oranges you get from Lakeland and made Marmalade too!

I think hubby thinks I have gone a bit doo lally every time he comes into the kitchen I am making more Jam!!

Next on the list is Chutney because I have quite a few Green Tomatoes and loads of Apples

I have been snatching some photos of the garden before the Autumn really sets in and there is still a lot of colour out there......not to mention wildlife, or should I say.....Pondlife!

This little fella was basking in the September sunshine on a lilypad in our little pond.  I love to see frogs in the pond and we didn't have any for a few years, but now we are obviously in favour again!

This flower had its head straining for the last rays of the sun.

A friend bought me these lovely Sunflowers and I had to take a photo of them in the early morning sun for you - I love Sunflowers.


Now my attention is focused on Youngest Kimbles, he is heading off  Uni in London - one finishes, another one starts! So we have lots of packing on the go and sorting of "stuff", I think he is looking forward to it - time will tell.  I have also had my Sister in Law to stay this week for her birthday - she can't get around much so it was nice to have her to stay and make a Birthday Fuss of her.  In between all of this I have managed a little crochet but not much - I have nearly finished my glittery shawl and I am hoping to finish it this weekend BECAUSE Mr K and I are off to Jersey tomorrow morning (flight at 6.15am - what WAS he thinking of!!!!!) as he has some work over there so we decided to make a long weekend of it. So that means that while he is working on Saturday I will have the day to myself - can that really be true? - A Day To Myself!!! Yipee!!!! I have a book to read and some crochet to do - I am going to take the Jan Eaton Squares book because I have promised to make square No 5 for Mrs Twins and SIBOL , please pick a square to do for her if you haven't already.  Of course I shall go for a walk, maybe some retail therapy, but there will be plenty of time to explore the rest of the weekend when hubby is free.  A friend did suggest I stay in bed all day read, crochet and get room service - not sure I could do that, but it is tempting!!

So glad to fill you in with my goings on, a hundred times over!

Speak soon xx


  1. Big Congrats on reaching 100, way to go. What a fun array of goodies to look at in this posting. That jam looks de-lish...

  2. LOL I have curly hair too and my SON has inherited it and he hates it! he has to use hair-straighteners :o
    Congratulations to your lovely daughter you must be so proud!
    As a reward for raising such a clever girl, you can "stay in bed all day read, crochet and get room service" OK?

  3. That is wonderful, family updates are fantastic, the jam looks delicious and you made it 100!

  4. Congratulations!
    Great photos of delicous jam en beautiful flowers!
    ~X~ Karin

  5. Great family photos Kim! Glad it all went well for you.
    You are having such a busy time!!
    You deserve a break away take lots of photos wont you?
    I expect you will be shedding a few more tears 'off to university' where does the time fly to? My nephew is off to Nottingham on Saturday. We shall all miss him.
    If anyone wants to crochet a Jan Eaton square we still have blocks available. Cant wait to see yours.
    Dont over do it now!
    Love to you and happy weekend.
    Sorry its taken me a while. Things going on here.
    Love to you Suex

  6. How proud you must be. How strange, I made jam this year for the first time since I was at school, couldn't get the setting point of my plum jam either, and burnt it. After that, the rest turned out OK. Hope you had a lovely time in Jersey and looking forward to seeing the glittery shawl. Thanks for posting the yarn details.
    Jak x

  7. Have a lovely restful time in Jersey dear. Thank you so much for your kind comments Kim , my boy is much better now.
    I'm so impressed with your jam making!
    Louise xx

  8. Congrats to all in the Kimble household, to get that far is really a joint effort, even if you are not the one doing the studying.
    I haven't made jam since high school, don't eat a lot of it, so I am happy buying it. But I am into making yoghurt
    Enjoy your time away - glad to see that you are able to get back into hooking