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Thursday, 2 September 2010


Over these last few days I have become acutely aware that the nights are drawing in - Autumn is nearly upon us and at times it has felt like Winter is nearly upon us it has been so chilly.  I really love to cling on the summer, I love the colours of my summer clothes and the warmth in the air, yes it does take me a while to wind down into winter mode. Of course the colours of Autumn are spectacular too ..... it just not so warm.

So to cheer myself up this post has pictures in that I will be able to look back on in the depths of winter for a bit of colour therapy. Just some pictures from around my house ...... and a little update on the crochet front.

Lovely colourful beaded necklaces - I think these will look nice on plain boring winter jumpers.

Colourful socks to keep my poor feet warm and the chilblains away!

I am determined to take up another hobby which I have dabbled in in the past - these little beauties have been crying out for me to use them...and I will, I will

Lovely soft pastel sticks.

Now what can I wrap myself in to keep warm?????????? well there is a choice .... firstly I have been working on this

Ok it isn't too colourful but it does have glittery bits in and is going to be a soft shawl.

But no, this really isn't colourful enough - so on really dark days I will have to go for this

Yes some more progess has been made, in fact only 8 more stripes to go plus edging

I have persevered with this project, and as you know my hands have been giving me a lot of trouble, so I have to be careful, not many rows a day and this is a big project, probably too big for my hands to take.  I think I am much better making small motifs and joining them together.  However I do love my Granny Stripe and it will be great to snuggle up under - it is too late to use it in the Camper this year, but it will get lots of use.

I am sooooooooo happy to be finally posting again☺!!!!! It is lovely to be back in touch and I hope you are all well.  Littlest Kimbles is back from the USA and has had the time of his life, now its time to pack up and send him off to Uni, Little Kimbles has her Graduation next week so we will be off to that - lovely times.

Thank you for dropping by

Speak soon xx


  1. Well there you are again! So glad that you are back in touch. I went looking for you yesterday, afraid that I had missed a post.
    Now tell me. I'm all at sea with these coloured sticks. Whatever do you do with them? I'll be looking out.
    Sorry to hear that your hands are still a problem. Is it arthrytis ?( did I spell that right ?) and if it is have you tried a daily dose of glucosamine.I'm taking it and it seems to have fixed my trigger finger problem ( or something has ).
    Cheers for now

  2. Hello Kimbles, this is Farruska from Flickr just saying hi :-) I do step by every once in a while to admire your work . Can't wait to see what you are going to draw with the pastels!

  3. Good Morning Kim!
    So pleased to see your post!
    You have a lot of lovely events going on in your Kimbles household. How lovely!
    What colour today in your post simply loved looking at all the gorgeous colours.
    Your shawl is looking....so good.
    You're going to get this finished before me. Looks like the same pattern too.
    Love the yarn.
    First thing I thought of was 'please don't over do it! okay?
    Love to you Suex

  4. wow, love all the gorgeous bright colors, glad to see you back!

  5. Hi Kim, glad to see you back. Yes, Autumn is definitely knocking on the door. Such a lovely colourful post and where did you get that glittering yarn from? My next project is going to be a shawl too, but I'm trying to understand the principles of hair-pin crochet at the moment, it could take a while, haha!
    Jak x

  6. OOh what delicious colours! YES to the bright stripy throw, that would cheer anyone up on a gloomy day XX

  7. Looks like there is still plenty of colour going on in your house. I'm very happy it's getting cooler- can't wait for fresh breezes.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished balnket, take it easy with your hands..
    love Louise x

  8. Hi Kim, that shawl is a stunner. Love the sparkly bits. It appears that you'll be keeping busy with all manner of fun things to do when it gets cooler.

  9. What OOdles of fun here today. I so want a pair of those socks tOO. You OOdles of yarn has turned out stunning...

  10. Lovely to have you back. I too have been missing in action so I too have been missing it like mad. I ADORE your Granny stripe blanket and it will certainly light up and dark days ahead :)

  11. Love the turquoise colour in the beads, I can never get enough of that colour.
    And I also really love the sparkly shawl, yes the colours are muted, but that sparkles really sets it off. Would not like as good in "brights"
    Happy little nester now the Kimbles Clan is all in one country

  12. I really like your shawl. The colours are not bright but for the winter it's perfect.