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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Here I am - with Pay It Forward winners!

Hi there lovely Blogettes - I didn't have any intention of staying away for soooo long from blogland, but you see I set myself a target - to finish the decorating in my lounge and dining room AND make the curtains by the 1st of December. I started on the 15th of October so it has been a while, and I have had to be very disciplined to fit in the decorating with work, so in the main I have had to resist dipping into blogland.  I am looking forward to spending some time catching up with your blogs and finding out what has been going on and the latest projects you are all working on. 

When I finished the painting I was left with lots of fabric

which was a little daunting.  The cutting out made me feel a little nervous, you know matching the pattern, but luckily we had emptied the dining room so was able to lay it all out on the floor

so it was a lot of crawling around with pins and measure, measure, measure.  My sewing machine was put to good use

Yesterday, because we had rather a lot of snow here, I was able to finish off and hang the curtains. So I met my target!  I know its silly, but I do work better when I have a "target"!!!

Sorry the light is not too good this morning, I will take some better pictures tomorrow, but just HAD to show you!

Now, I am excitied to tell you that I have drawn the winners for the Pay It Forward and they are

The Garden Bell
Aussie Maria
Gibraltar Louise

Congratulations!  please email me your details (link at side of blog) and I will send you a little something that I have been preparing in my bit of spare time which I do hope you will love - here is a peek:-

Well here in the South we have had tons of snow - this morning we woke up completely snowed in!  I actually don't mind it too much, but feel for people who have been stuck on trains etc.  It is the first time we have been really able to test our new heating which is an air source heat pump - and we are really toasty which is sooooooo fabulous after last winter when we froze. 

Our little garden lights had "snow hats" on this morning

so did the bird bath

and my little garden table and chairs

Well I am off for a nice hot drink and may start to write my Christmas cards, snow does make me festive! 

Its lovely to finally catch up with you all!

Speak soon xx


  1. Your curtains look lovely! I really love the fabric and the decor looks great too!

  2. Lloking forward to a good "snoop" around your lounge :D I cannot wait to be able to decorate :o
    What are you having as a hot drink? I have just rediscovered hot Ribena LOL

  3. Love the curtain fabric! It's so colourful! Great job on those lovely curtains!

    congrats to the winners too!

  4. Your curtains look wonderful! The snow is beautiful espec. this time of year.

  5. Thank you so much Kim, I have sent you an email.
    Would love to see the lights on with the snow around - it may be the closest I get to a snowy Christmas ☺

  6. Lovely curtains Kim. Bit tough on the old knees crawling around on the floor though! I remember years ago getting caught cutting out curtains on the boardroom table at work - it did lead to loads of commissions though ;-)
    Jak x

  7. Hello Kim,
    My goodness you have had a lot of snow!
    I am so pleased your work is finished just in time for Christmas.
    Sit back and enjoy now.
    I will mail you,
    Love Suex

  8. I am so thrilled !! I love getting parcels. I love the photos of the SNOW, I know it is a pest on the road but it looks so pretty !
    L xx

  9. Thanks so much for the kind comments Kim.
    I shall be writing a special post soon on SIBOL acknowledging everyone,
    Love suex

  10. Kim, thanks so much for being you in Blogland!
    Its a pleasure to get to know you, and your friendship means a lot.
    I've had such a wonderful SIBOL year and I would like to thank you for being part of it.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family,
    Love suex

  11. May I be the first to wish you a Happy New Year on your blog Kim.
    I hope all is well your end.
    Hope you had good celebrations last night.
    Love and catch up with you soon!

  12. Happy New Year Kim!

    ~X~ Karin