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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

English Country Gardens

When we were in Dorset, we visited a couple of lovely gardens, we belong to the National Trust and love to visit historic houses and gardens.  I particularly love the smaller houses, you know, ones you could actually imagine living in and it is so poignant seeing other people's precious treasures, be it an old sampler, a letter or a photo, on show to the public - but gives us a glimpse of life in times gone by. 

My favourite on this visit was a small house and garden just into Somerset, called Tintinhull.  In fact only the garden was open to the public and it was delightful

As you can see, it is a "liveable" sized house, with lovely walled gardens with roses

I loved this rose, it didn't have a name that I could see but it reminded me of the beautiful hand dyed yarn that Kate (The Garden Bell) produces!

In the middle of one of the lawns was an Umbrella sculpture, very unusual, (glad it wasn't a windy day!!!!!)

I believe the yellow one signified the one yellow plant in a border of purple ones.

Then of course there was the Kichen Garden - here they grow veg to supply the restaurant up the road in a larger National Trust house called Montacute.

A lovely day out - but of course I have my OWN English Country Garden - ok not quite as grand or large - yes a much smaller scale

My tiny " kitchen garden"  in the wrong place under the leylandi trees, is doing remarkably well!!

Not enough to supply a restaurant - enough for the Kimbles household for a little while!!

Lovely apples are forming on the tree.

the potato bags are coming along nicely

Very beautiful sweetpeas - such a vibrant colour!

Pretty floweryness

mini cucumbers, ripe for picking in my conservatory!!

Ok so it is not quite the National Trust garden but hey who cares, its ours and considering  I do not have green fingers at all - I am very pleased with my efforts so far - and there is nothing like the taste of home grown veg!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine!

Speak soon xx


  1. Good Morning Kim!
    Nice to see some more of your holiday photos. Yes we would often go round old houses in our courting days.
    Your vegetables are coming on so well, you certainly have green fingers! Its been so dry hasn't it. Saying that now, its started raining! Yippee! I wont have to water tonight. How have you been getting on with this heat? Too much for everyone.
    Yes I think you'll have plenty of veg for the family by the looks of it Kim. You'll have to make something nice.
    Anyway I want to get blankie done and dusted must go!
    Love Suex

  2. WOW... it does remind me of some of my home dyed yarn. Thanks for the linkie, by the way. Now, about those umbrellas, very cool. It always is interesting to me to see what other creative minds can think up. I just so love the English Gardens, it make us Yankee Gardens look so silly when you see the splendor in England. We are always trying to copy over here, but never just seem to get the true charm.

    Great Day to you,
    Kate -T.G.B.

  3. yes I agree, nothing like the sweet taste of home grown and the sheer pleasure of putting something on the table saying "This is from our own garden".
    I have not been to Tintinhull, but it looks lovely.

  4. All those lovely veggies and flowers and apples!!!! I so want to get a garden again

  5. That umbrella sculpture is very cool!

    Your garden looks great to me. I love those mini-cucumbers!

  6. Hi Kim! LOVE the flower and garden photos, and I got a kick out of that umbrella sculpture! Your garden is doing very well, and I know there's nothing like going out to the garden to pick fresh vegies for dinner!.. Catching up on a few posts, your pillows for the trailer were very nice, and I LOVED the green sweater you made!! VERY pretty! You did a very nice job on that, and you wear it well! The pictures were beautiful!.. Happy 4th of July Weekend! ~tina