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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Delightful Dorset

I have been meaning to post all week and here we are at Thursday already!  I wanted to share some of my memories of last weekend and our little trip to Dorset.

We visited Lulworth Cove, which is a lovely sheltered little cove with lovely cliff top walks.  We hiked up to the top of the cliff and along the top

 This view is looking back down to Lulworth cove.  It was the perfect day for walking, not too hot!

The sea was a beautiful deep blue and the cliff top was edged with pretty wild flowers.  I am always a little nervous of unfenced cliff edges - I'm not one to be bold and look over!!!!

A couple of miles later we came to this beach and the rock formation is called Durdle Door.  Now when I was a very tiny girl, my Mum and Dad and I, stayed in a caravan on a site at the top of the cliff overlooking Durdle Door and it was terribly rainy weather, so much so that we came home a week early.  The week later the weather was so bad the caravan was blown over the cliff!!

I digress - we were feeling a little hot by now after all of this hiking and we realised we hadn't put enough money on the car park ticket (isn't that soooo annoying?), so we had to "Hike" rather quickly back!

Heading back down the hill was a little easier than going up!!  It was a lovely walk though, all of that lovely sea air.

Of course when we got back to the "Trailer" we were in need of a treat - and it just so happened that on the morning we were leaving I got up really early and made some fruit scones.  I had also brought with us some lovely strawberry jam and lo and behold we found some Clotted Cream -

I didn't feel at all guilty eating this after all of that exercise!

Speak soon xx


  1. Those scones look divine and just the thing after a long walk - along with a nice strong cup of tea!!!


  2. Mmmmmmmmm ~ fruit scones and real devon clotted cream! Just the thing you need after a long walk and some sea air :O) xx

  3. I'm so amazed watching where all my U.K. Ettes are traveling too this summer. I've been to London twice, but that's it. I seriously have moved a journey to your countryside up on my list. Yes, we have a dream list we are working through. Being, an ex-travel agent insturctor, I'm always looking for the next trip. Would love to visit this seaside town. Precious, just precious. Hey....great SP'ed...aren't they fun.

    Kate- Still The Garden Bell

  4. Wonderful photos, glad I have a map of the UK to work out where you "guys" (my Aussie slang) go wandering. You are certainly helping my education in geography, which is poor except for Oz that is ☺

  5. What a lovely spot you have chosen for your little holiday. The photos are terrific and make me wish I was there.Thanks for taking me along on hols with you!

  6. I have been to Lulworth 3 times and each time it rained all day. I am obviously a jinx and should stay indoors eating cream scones LOL!

  7. Ah I am so with you and the love hate of camping! After a wet week in Devon two years ago I vowed I would never go again but then we have moved to a trailer tent - the difference of sleeping on a double bed off the ground is immense! (at least its further away from the mud!!) But next stop is a pop up caravan like yours - tell me if you want to sell it!!LOL I am making Lucys granny stripe for my trailer tent, this year we have bunting and some new treats for it including carpet tiles! Its amazing what we buy for our little homes on wheels!

  8. I love Dorset, had a lovely holiday on the Jurrasic coast a couple of years ago- all those scones and clotted cream...mmmmmmmm