To you all, thank you for your company and your time

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just a few words

Hi all

I am just quickly dipping by to say, that I will be taking a bloggin break for a few weeks.  There is a lot going on at the moment and I have that "overwhelming" feeling - I am ok don't get me wrong but several things happening at once and I feel the plates may be falling off the spinning sticks!!!!!  So my friends worrying about blogging is at the bottom of the list at the mo.  My love to you all, I will try and dip into your blogs at some stage and say hi and then hopefully I will be back.

Speak soon xx


  1. I know how you feel; I barely get time these days to blog! I hope it won't be long before you can balance all your plates! Once you've found the secret, please let me know!


  2. No worries... I know exactly how you feel. See you whenever... we won't forget you. :-)
    Caz :)

  3. Take all the time you need ..... just come back eventually ! We'll miss you.

  4. Thats fine Kim, thank you for telling us. We do worry about our friends when they go quiet!
    Hugs and thoughts Suex

  5. Hi Kimbles, Hope you haven't lost any plates. I am enjoying sitting around looking through my whole blog list. My mission is to visit every blog in the list and leave a comment. Can't believe how long it is taking. 2 days so far and I am only halfway through. For a break from blogging I am knitting a string bag. As soon as I get through the list I will be sewing my traveling jacket. I have to get it done for my trip to Dunedin in 4 weeks time. Hope you get a chance to drop by my blog.

  6. That is a shame, just found your lovely lovely blog. Hope you come back soon, I will be here waiting!
    Do you live near Worthing? Oh I love it there.
    x x x

  7. Those few weeks turned into years..... where are you? I have just found this blog and loving it but now it looks more like you have giving it all up. Hope not.